Thursday, October 2, 2014

Living An Organic Life

  What do you mean by living an organic life? And why? Isn't eating organic food enough? Having an organic garden and an organic life. Isn't that overly sprouty?

Living an organic life is a life that flows with nature. It is when you don't resist, fear, frustration, anger... you embrace it all. Do the trees resist the arrival of autumn and losing their leaves? No, they flow with the seasons and each of the changes those seasons bring. Living with the flow of nature allows us to get in tune with the rhythms of Mother Earth and helps us get clear about how we can help bring our planet to a state of greater health. An organic life is one where this happens with ease and effortlessness.

We cannot tap into our true inner nature when we are rushing from place to place. Our inner nature is our intuition. When we make decisions from that place...all of our decisions are right for us and healthy for those around us.  When that happens, caring for our planet happens naturally and easily.